Fintech has developed rapidly in recent years, and with these developments new challenges arise, particularly for regulators: how do you apply current law to these ever-changing concepts in a world of continual technological advancement?

Key features include:

  •   Insight from fintech specialists from ten countries, unpicking the legal and regulatory issues across banking, payments and fundraising.
  •   Detailed clarification on developments in alternative funding platforms, cryptoassets, initial coin offerings, blockchain and smart contracts.
  •   Discussion of innovative solutions for regulators including how to combat the challenges of patenting fintech inventions and regulating robo-  advisors.
  •   Guidance for law firms on meeting the challenges presented by the speed of technological innovation and new entrants in the financial sector.

Offering a thorough overview of the sector for practical use, FinTech: Law and Regulation will be an invaluable guide for in-house lawyers as well as law firms looking for an overview of legal and regulatory issues in fintech. It will also be an essential text for those looking to understand the breadth of the sector, as well as the key legal and regulatory issues.